New online Blackjack casinos in South Africa

Can you believe that traditionally South Africans had it rough with the available choice of online casinos offering Blackjack. Due to the laws around online gambling being unclear and badly regulated, a lot of illegal online casinos are operating in the country. Although these casinos offer a variety of games, they do not allow South Africans to place bets in ZAR. This is all going to change with a host of new European casinos poised to enter the market. To access listings and guides on new reviewed casinos and Blackjack games serving South Africans and offer banking in ZAR in 2020, do a search for southafricaonlinecasino .


Some background on Blackjack

Although the beginnings of the game is unclear, it is believed that a version of the game originated in the 1700s in France by the name of 'Vingt-et-Un' which means 21. French colonists spread the game to the Americas where it gained popularity as Blackjack in the 1820s at legalised gambling halls in New Orleans. To attract players, these gambling halls offered bonuses of the player received an Ace of Spades along with a Jack of Spades or Clubs (i.e. a black jack). The definition of the blackjack hand has changed since then but the name of the game stuck.

Blackjack rules and gameplay

The rules of online Blackjack remained constant over the years, even when the game made its way into online casinos. The aim of Blackjack is to beat the dealer's score without busting over 21. The card values are basically the pip value for cards 1 - 10. All face cards also have the value of 10 but an Ace can have 1 or 11 value. The game starts when the player places his bets. He will then receive two cards face up while the dealer receives on card face up while the other remains face down. To continue the game from here, the player will have some bet options to make.

Checking the legality of Online Casinos

Blackjack players should first check the casino license of the online casino that they would want to play Blackjack at. If the license is issued by the reputable MGA then half the battle is won. To check out the Blackjack games, look for casinos that offer free play so that you can practise your strategy without having to sign up or make a deposit with the casino. Download some Blackjack strategy charts to help you make sense of the card combinations and odds and how to approach each game after the initial deal. Once you have free play sorted, then you can deposit and play Blackjack for real.

Online Blackjack in South Africa

With the changes in regulation opening the South African online gambling market up, the player will be spoiled for choice where to play online Blackjack. Once you have done your research on the casino you want to play at and brush up on your Blackjack rules, it will be a god idea to employ a Blackjack strategy of sorts accompanied by Blackjack odds charts that you can download and keep handy. The new online casinos offer all the variants of online Blackjack so be sure to first try them out for free before settling on a variant that you can stick to over the long term.